A Canadian Boy with an American Dream

Web series.

Almost two years into my answering to the call of pursuing a writing career and I find myself emersed in many projects, with new ideas and concepts being conceived all the time.

With zero degree of feeling overwhelmed by the creativity bursting forth from me, I press on. And so happily! Such a long road ahead as this Canadian boy pursues greater things than I ever knew I could even imagine, let alone watch materialize in front of me.

Doors have opened in the sense that I have a semi mentor now that is an extremely accomplished previous journalist and television host. Sitting here tonight scrolling through potential literary agents, as well as publishers currently accepting my genre (in regards to the pursuing of my comic cookbook), it’s a wonderful feeling. The work flows, but actually actively seeking representation, as it were, brings it all to life, and the potential that is there is astounding to me.

Next week, with the help of my adoring wife and my talented son, I am shooting the first of hopefully many YouTube videos, which may spawn a Web series on its own merits. I’m having loads of fun creating behind the camera, but I also yearn to perform my writing in front of the camera and to what capacity, will eventually be revealed.

Can I quit my day job yet? Why can’t I have 6 to 8 hours a day to do the thing I am called to do? Patience….

The night is still young. And so am I as this writer guy I’m becoming takes shape and finds his voice. In time, I have no doubt the chips will not fall but line up as they should for me and my family. Success needn’t be merely financial; it means cementing myself as the man I know that I am, recognized or not. The work, or art, will speak for itself. And my deepest intention is for it to not whisper, or even speak… but to bellow for decades to come.

This is my legacy. This is my work.

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