Devotion to One

I had the single father thing down pat.

Not a planned event, but finding myself alone raising my three children held more than enough challenges, and none of it easy. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, not that I’ve ever had one nemesis, let alone enough to involve my “worst” one, but you hopefully get the gist.

Little did I know, and very much out of the blue, would a woman so perfectly for me, come into my life and alter my then identity so totally radically.

Krista, my wife of a little over six months, deserves not only recognition, but an all-out standing ovation for how she’s not only impressed but has impacted my life.

After enduring weeks of being around her at our communal place of work, I was drawn to her immediately. I needn’t talk of those early days; I didn’t know her like I wanted to and that in itself makes me want to fast forward to when I was finally let into her world, and her heart.

Our time together has been short, in comparison to those that have decades of history and equal amount of years as wedded lovers. No comparisons matter, none hold any merit, because what we have not only couldn’t have been planned but also could not have been able to involve the amount of pure love that we share.

Here is a woman who has risen out of much adversity in her own life’s journey. Through what has been against her and how she has victored over so many trying times has been monumental, and all has made her into the woman I adore so very much today.

Together, we look back and think why couldn’t have we found one another decades ago. Why couldn’t we have experienced pregnancy together. We couldn’t we have made our own babies and been raising them today. But we needn’t look back. God’s timing is always perfect and this is our time, not years ago.

I’ve never been and felt more loved, more appreciated, more respected, more revered. She was designed for me and I for her.

She’s come to me in my time of passion, with my lofty goals of finding great success with my writing. She’s always the first to promote me; to speak amazingly kind words and to support her fledgling husband in his amateur attempts at making not only a name for himself, but creating a legacy for our family for years to come.

Her love is unconditional. I feel it in my bones.

I don’t kiss her enough. I don’t say I love her enough. I don’t repay her adoration enough. In many respects, I fail as not only a husband, but as HER husband. Yet, in her eyes, I’m never at fault. I’m never to blame. How could one person be so unbelievably amazing and be so completely head over heels in love with me? I am not worthy.

She has been, in my eyes, out of my “league” since day one. Yet she somehow is tied to me for eternity! How blessed am I! What did I do to deserve her undying affections and her complete trust and devotion? How am I so lucky that I can call this gorgeous, hard working, courageous, self-sacrificing woman my wife? I am so completely blessed and happy, to the utmost degree.

Men, I now know how lucky one can be to be looked after, cared for and loved. I now know that full devotion to one woman reaps an eternity of joy and the most satisfied life a man can even hope for, let alone be living.

I can only hope that I can repay a small portion to her the love and adoration to her that she bestows on me. I am, for once, without all the right words, in expressing how much she means to me. I love her.

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