What if I was to elaborate on the current scenario unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico involving the privatization of pesticides and the underlying governmental collapse connected in more ways than one? Would you be glued to your smart phones and your laptop screens for the next few hours as I rant and explore said crisis?

Unfortunately, there is no current scenario in the Gulf of Mexico or any gulf to my knowledge. Sorry about your luck.

The world is most definitely divided into two prevalent categories:
1) Those who follow current events and
2) Those that don’t.

If you were to say to me “Kristopher, are you familiar with such and such, and blah blah blah”, I’d more than likely respond with, “not a clue but thanks for coming out”.

Sure, being informed is a good thing. I’ve even heard people go so far as to say knowledge equals power. That’s going a bit far, I mean, isn’t power what generates our lights and allows my cellular device to be charged? If knowledge is power, then does that tell me that being smart is like an electric current or something? You be the judge.

If Bill Clinton, Obama’s mama and Adolf Hitler were busted in a meeting in the Oval Orifice would I care what was discussed? Not really, though I would be interested in how Hitler dressed, like how he’d look in something not brown or with swastikas on it. Maybe he’d wear a nice salmon golf shirt with white slacks and black converse high tops. And all this point in the game he’d be bald and a fumanchu would adorn his mouth. I digress.

If there was a natural disaster then I’d be interested. Those things are cool. Scary, but kinda awesome in a literal sense. If Turkey was predicting a tsunami I’d no doubt turn on the discovery channel and watch it live as it unfolds. Maybe an earthquake tops the Richter scale in Bangledesh? Meh not so much but I might like a Facebook feed based on it at some point.

I guess I’m more concerned with real things. Important matters such as when a new movie is available to be pvr’d or what job my wife turned down today. What piques my attention are issues such as what body part do I workout today, or will my nap be a worthy length today or do I skip it entirely?

As a whole, and I’m talking the entire human race, living or non, cares about one thing or another. This is a scientific fact. But what descriminates one from the next is personal choice and the personal freedoms that facilitate us in being unique. You had the choice to read this posting but you went with your gut and are now dumber because of it. But hey, it wasn’t all for naught….

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