Distance Schmistance

What can be said that hasn’t ever been said? What new spin can I put on a clichéd idea? None of that matters because it is I speaking, and I have never said this before, so therefore it has never been more original and new.

I knew I was madly in love with my wife 2 days ago. In fact, our love has grown so strong this past while through some trials and tribulations, there’s no end to the bond we have.

Then she takes a new job that entails her to be gone to another city for three days of training. I encouraged her, packed her bag for her (who am I kidding..I don’t know how to pack a woman’s bag!) and she was on her way. This was yesterday morning, bright and early, as they say.

Monday progresses and I’m at the day job and blah blah blah. I mean, am I right? And she’s learning, and busy, and overwhelmed, and beautiful as ever. By mid-afternoon to early evening, I’m beginning to lose it. Or as the Greeks say… die just a lotta bit inside. I had a busy late-aft planned, as to avoid missing her exponentially, but you can’t outrun the milk truck, am I wrong?

So night approaches and emotions aren’t off the charts quite yet but feelings are of sadness and emptiness without one another. And then eventually she goes to bed, meanwhile her smart, genius of a husband stays up late.

Bammo…like 130am she texts saying she can’t do this or take the distance! I try to console but she’s not really having it so we somehow sleep. And by somehow sleep, I’m referring to me getting about an hour and her crying herself to sleep. Sonofabee!

I wake, feeling like a bad, useless husband and I can’t even console her.
I’m a wreck, a proverbial mess as the scholars contend. And when she wakes, she’s ten times worse off than I’m feeling.

I lay all these personal feelings and emotions out for ‘the world’ to read, in order to drive home this single, solitary thought..

The word soulmates makes me cringe a little but what else are two people who are so deeply connected in love that literally cannot bear being away from one another for more than 24 hours?? The literal physical and emotional pain solidifies my intense and utter adoration for this human. I didn’t need this ‘lesson’ to show me how much I love her; I was already far into the love orchard with her, picking fruit and tossin’ stems. But enduring this pain has opened my eyes even further to how blessed I am in having her and loving her.

And I shan’t stand around and be complacent. I shan’t be the husband I’ve been. I need to improve vastly, as she deserves the best there is, was and ever will be.

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