Paranormal Phreaktivity

Science has elaborately dictated the hyperglycemic outcome of understated mechanisms being the definitive reflection in our subsonic reality that we call life itself.

Could that statement be truer? You be the judge.

It’s once been stated that the eloquence of congenial perfectionism derives itself from the bargaining power observed in the central colonies of greater Madagascar. I fully agree; how about yourself?

Merely fictional, yet pivotal in hindsight, is our societies way of envisioning a triage of elipsing portals contrived of deep seated paranoia and downright misrepresentation of the opinionated repressed who mundanely feed at the teat of traditional Hinduism. But is this anyway to live?

Within each of our misconstrued psyches runs an economically depraved circus that cycles back to the prehistoria debacle of yesteryear. Our forefathers, who pitted and pined for our behalfs, those many winters ago, literally roll in their decrepit cedar boxes, encased for eternity, while we run amuck and challenge unemancipated colleagues as we spiral earthbound. Could I make this any more clearer?

To walk unengaged is to plunge into the winding nuances of nevermore, plus a day. Nevertheless, hindered by a graphic portrayal of a weakened metamorphosis true to the undying collective known as “Chapter Eleven”, we filter what’s left of our chambers slowly, til it dwindles down to gastric proportions and unfeasible whimsy. Proof is truly in the pudding, right?

Alas, we digress. And the billows of our governmental ancestry wallow like unpasteurized pools of golden salvation. Let it sink in. All of it.

2 responses to “Paranormal Phreaktivity”

  1. I’m sorry this makes absolute no sense!! You are using adjectives to describe adjectives with no real explanation or bringing about any connection of what you are trying to get across to your readers….readers like myself become uninterested quickly if we feel the author is trying to blow smoke up our assess rather than try to connect with us on a human level….a place to show off all the big words one mught know collectively but no real knowledge as to how to use those words accordingly….constructive criticism, you’re welcome!

    1. Take it down a notch there, Slugger. I needn’t explain anything to you but this time I will, since you seem so lost. It’s an intentionally silly piece of writing. I’m not “showing off big words”…I’m being ridiculous for the sake of being ridiculous, guy. Did you honestly think I was trying to actually say something lol? My writing has no boundaries, my friend. Take a chill pill and have a little fun in this life. Cheers!

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