Like a man in front of a urinal, life too whizzes by super quick.

It’s the beginning of another October. Kids are gone to school, and other various lessons after school. The wife is working around the clock. And I find myself lounging around the house all day in a deep burgundy velvet robe.

Not entirely true. I’m the house go-to guy. Breakfasts? I make ’em. Discipline? I do it. Driving kids to lessons/work? That’s me. Keeping up the houses cleanly factor? This guy. So where’s the time left for writing? I wonder this daily.

Between all these efforts plus ample time with my wife plus gym trips plus the occasional needed nap, my writing really does suffer. I need to amp it up.

Between yesterday and today, I completed the first scene of the fifth episode of my television sitcom. Through all the hubbub of the daily grind, I honestly felt like I may have lost ‘it’ but quite the opposite I showed myself today! This guy not only still has ‘it’ but am doing my best work yet. A concentrated shot of confidence…straight to the heart!

This show is my baby: my pride and joy. It begs to be seen! It begs to be adored! It begs to have a long life! No pressure at all.

There have been shorter blogs, I swear it. I had something to say, just chose to say it quickly.

During the most stale of times, progress can still be made. Never down for the count.

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