“Quiet on set!”
A huge round of applause erupts from the crew after a long days shoot. I retire to my trailer feeling like I put in a good days performance, first stopping by craft services for a vitamin water and a packet of peapods…

In local Red Deer, Alberta, I have been selected to be the host, or face, of a new six-part television series entitled “My Old Town”, and tomorrow is our first shoot. Grand images flash in my brain, as per the opening moments of this posting.

This is not that. Our set will consist of a local business. Our crew will consist of three, including myself. There will be no craft services providing snacks and meals. There will be no trailer for “the talent”.

But can I tell you what will be on tap? The experience of a lifetime.

I come into this with a passion for writing, and a passion for television. I have no schooling in the field; no degrees to my name. What do I have? The faith of the person behind the entire production seeing that passion inside of me….and that’s all I need.

I intend to show up with a smile, and to soak up the atmosphere that will be on hand all day long. If I’ve never given it all at a previous “job” then this will be a first, though the term job does not really apply here because I would do this for free. Passion like this doesn’t have a price tag.

I want this to go places. I want it out there, shocking people with not only its content but with its presentation. Shock meaning an overall jolt of “Wow, did that just happen?”.

Tomorrow morning is second only to Christmas for me. It can’t get here fast enough.

(In the coming days and weeks of filming and editing and all the voice over work, I will continue posting updates and observations as this journey unfolds. If any of you readers have any ideas or comments as far as potential sites to visit that you’d like to see on My Old Town, please let me know. Or any sponsorship help, as well.)

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