Buried Yet Breathing-3)

“We are so glad to see you!”

“We thought we were abandoned here for eternity, but your presence gives us hope again!”

“We want to know how you can bridge our divide!”

“We will give you rest! Then please….show us the way to The Promise Keeper!”

The host of spirits that surrounded him were overwhelming in abundance, as well as their inquisition.

How is it they looked to him to be some saviour, or at least the guide to salvation? He felt the least qualified. They should be leading him!

He raised his head and ascended a few feet off the ground. The others were silenced and awaited his utterance.

“I know nothing about from where I came, and I know nothing about this place nor where I will go next. Who can I be to you, when I don’t even know myself? How can I lead when I know less than to follow?”

A murmuring overtook the canyon. Then a voice rang out, louder than the others, crop dusting a film of silence over all. “We have been here for many eons. Not another soul has come through the chasm forever. This is the sole basis of our reverence for you. You have come, or been sent, and there must be meaning behind it. It must set us free.”

Agreement cheers and bellows erupted from all in attendance. It made the very ground which they hovered above vibrate.

The apparition spoke again, this time with more passion and more direction. “And did you not get called out of here almost as quickly as your timely arrival? And only to be sent back? These factors awake us greatly to the knowledge that you are individual. Exclusive. Unique. And we must understand why.”

More spoke, barely waiting for a turn.

“Have you seen The Promise Keeper?’

“What is His plan for us?”

“Are we to be insinurated as some have forewarned?”

To his suprise, whether it be the frustration or the nonsensical things being thrown at him, he rose up and soared above their heads and then flew down a dimly lit corridor, getting as far away from the others as possible. After what seemed like minutes, he collided with the hard soil and ended up on his back on a cool tuft of grass. Staring into darkness, his eyes glazed over and rest was upon him.

Days later of life in the catacomb….
Fully assimilated into The Gathering, he learned much from the others, as to plans of escape and how he was their key. No one knew if or when he’d be called back or what would happen, but theories ran deep and all there was is time to listen or to be heard.

The plan was simple, yet the outcome being as complex as it was, overshadowed any easy journey. They joined their souls as one, never apart and always connected. Then when The One is called back, they can all return and fight their way out of this glitch; this purgatory that they sit in, which should not be for their spirits know there is a problem.

Now if they, or One, could make reciprocating communication with The Promise Keeper…..

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