Minutes passed like days. Days accumulated as months. Hope was failing. Maybe this was the end of the road for these abandoned souls, without a home and without answers.

They stayed connected as one, never altering the plan. And in this distant, cold utopia, no word from The Promise Keeper had come. Not even a whisper or direction as they had felt inhabiting bodies on earth, though foggy in recollection. But their spirits knew, especially now that all they were are spirits, longing for something. Judgement. Acceptance. Rejection. Anything.

And just as they watched each second pass on this lonely orb, wherever they were, in the blink of an eye they felt the pull of the open portal, bringing them out of the dungeon they waited in.

The plan had worked. The legion of apparations, the Gathering, had been called back to earth, piggybacking the One they knew as Chosen. They dispersed immediately, sensing their earthly destinations and wanting desparately to re-inhabit their earthly bodies.

Without knowledge of month, day or year, one by one, realized the only remains of them on this planet resided six feet under the ground, either in bone or in ash. The natural life they craved would not be recreated. As if on cue, all lost souls migrated back to where the portal spewed them and from there, they delved under ground.

“What is left for us here?”

“Why are we abandoned by our maker?”

“The plan has failed! You must not be the One!”

At that moment, he knew what must take place. He commanded all to join as one, to remember what unity felt like. They rose to the surface and stayed united.

Then he whispered these words. “We are souls, lost but alive, yearning for home. Abandoned by our maker, we are given a chance and we shall take it. Possess. Let us inhabit, by choice, those bodies that draw air.”

“But these bodies contain souls already!”

“No earthly body can possess two souls! Can they??”

“If we can inhabit, what if we get swallowed up and never find our way home?”

Meanwhile, up in the Greater Realm
A great uproar is accumulating in the Greater Realm. The Promise Keeper himself, though infallible, is working around the heavenly clock to fix this Glitch; to eradicate this demon that is spelling disaster and messing up the Plans irrevocably. His Peace Keepers are in full force; in full hunt mode for all enemies engaging against.

Battle stations are readying. War is at hand!

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