In the dark night sky, up near the heavens, if visible from Earth, looked like an extreme fire work display. Peace Keepers sliced through Enemy after Enemy. They sought Glitch: the ancient demon now in hiding and protected by the evil multitude of all the Enemies.

They functioned without bounty, doing their masters business. Bred for war, they scoured the heavenlies, no stone unturned. Seek and destroy, without the slightest mercy.

And back down on Earth…
The One surveys the busy street, searching for whom to inhabit. The Gathering watches earnestly, unbelieving his plan.

He approaches a man in his late twenties, big in stature. The man sits on a bench, talking on his phone, unbeknownst to any spiritual presence stalking him.

The One entered fast, embedding himself deep in his body. To the naked eye, nothing changed about this man. He went about his business, with no knowledge that a second soul inhabited him.

Inside was another story. Immediately on insertion, the original soul went into a frenzy, not knowing what to do. Believing two souls could not coexist like this, the One lunged in full force, choking him. The soul clawed at him, screaming.

It was at this moment that The Gathering could get a taste of what was happening on the inside by witnessing the man’s body react. He was choking and stood up, his arms flailing dramatically. People stopped in their tracks, unknowing of what to do as they watched this man convulse.

The One pummeled the alarmed soul, bouncing him all over inside his shell. The soul had no choice but to evacuate his hosts shell, and he was instantaneously absorbed into hell, though well before his time.

And now The One was left alone inside this new host and a overwhelming sense of now-what overtook him. The host himself was lost; frozen up and possessed by something other than all he ever knew.

Immediately, souls from The Gathering began inhabiting body after body after body, taking The Ones lead. Some battled and took full possession, and some didn’t know what to do and ended up double spiriting their host, like a ghost with two heads.

Neighborhoods were flooded with these inhabitations. People seemed to be losing their minds. Wide spread panic and chaos was breaking loose, and it was all over the media. These lost souls that were once in a cold exile were now trapped inside strange bodies, committing even stranger acts…

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