The bodies with the dual spirits created the most chaos. Torn inside and misguided and therefore volatile, these battling souls committed heinous atrocities.

It was like test driving a tank… the lost souls couldn’t operate these bodies properly though they tried every gear possible. They weren’t attached or connected and the clash between them and the hosts brain was completely severed. The soul that this mind was aligned with was now at the mercy of a new soul; a lost soul operating out of fear and desperate for a final destination.

And the dual inhabitants were much, much more confused and therefore reached out in maleficence. The lost soul would subdue the alpha soul in many cases and then try to control the host, with the same results as the single spirit hosts. Major difference was that the alpha soul wouldn’t let itself be bound for long periods. They would break loose and re-connect with the host, bringing temporary common sense to the body as the brain could make sense of things. Then the alpha soul gave attempt at binding the lost one, strangulating him while running the show. This wouldn’t last long as the lost soul, having nothing to lose, would disconnect the host and the alpha, then would subdue the alpha yet again.

As these interior wars were waged, outwardly, each infected host body were monsters. Grabbing women, children, animals… anything smaller than them and gutting them. A teen boy was picked up and slammed down on the top of a picket fence, impaled for no reason. Animals had their heads torn off.

Diseased host would attack diseased host, and end them, each soul released. Some of the dual possessions found ways of offing themselves, confused and terrified to the last breath.

Such a bloodbath on earth.

Meanwhile, in the deepest part of hell
Glitch and his Generals of Gore¬†masterminded and controlled the annihilation taking place on Earth. Masters of butchery, they received great evil delight in seeing their plan carried out. Devilish laughter and beastlike barking echoed in their chamber of horrors; dismembered limbs and pools of blood they wade through. Ancient demons of mammoth size, decorated in the highest level of vileness. Intent on victory, the celebration over their proposed defeat of the Promise Keeper was rich in demonic pride…

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