Death after bloody death of the innocent and of the guilty littered the streets. The carnage ended almost as quickly as it began, yet only the dead truly know how life actually begins after death.

The multitude of lost souls piled up, one scared apparition after another, on the floor of a grand throne room. Many statues and indescribable art work graced each massive wall.  The ceiling seemed open to the atmosphere of heaven itself, with swirling colors and shooting stars though like fire works. The floor employed white and caramel marble, cold and flawless; beautiful and majestic.

Peace Keepers flooded the palatial foyer, seizing and arresting all in attendance. With the wave of his fist, archangel Chamuel restrains all lost souls. They kneel in full surrender, arms wide and in full paralysis, awaiting what is to come.

Chamuels sovereign voice becomes audible, deep and commanding. “Remove thy defenses. You kneel naked and fully exposed for all your offenses.”

Visions of their anarchy and murderous calamities invaded their minds. The full effect of their sin made most of the lost souls tremble in their restraints.

Chamuel spoke again. “Nothing can suprise Him. But He is most displeased. Your arrogance and vile retribution as your powerless plight to garner the attention of Him has failed you all. In my eyes, you all need to be cast down into the inescapable pit of fire and death. But He will judge you, not I.”

Just then, the room went black as the darkest night. Warm air seeped in across the floor and the walls shook as thunder filled this place. Lightning shot like gun fire across the room and ripped through all in attendance. If the souls were allowed to speak, screams of sheer terror would have echoed for days out of that glorious hall.

And then in the blink of an eye, the most luminous blur of white light  blinded all who were witness.

The Promise Keeper Himself had arrived…..

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