I married a girl one year ago yesterday. Fast forward 8700 plus hours later, it’s been quite a ride. But first let’s go back over 525,000 seconds ago to when it all began.

I remember the moment she fell in love with me. It’s when I produced that hefty diamond ring, whilst we passed the Eiffel Tower in the hot air balloon I had rented for the occasion. She squealed, flung her arms dramatically which in turn knocked the hot air operator 12,000 feet out of the basket to his death and jumped into my arms. I held her proudly, all 122 lbs of her, and we whispered sweet I love yous into each others ears. A moment no one will forget, especially that poor kids family who plummeted to his death. For a good cause but still.

From there on it was nothing but raise after raise, car after car and home after home, almost one upgrade per month. The vacations were insane, not to mention all the botox and the lifts. It was as if cosmetic surgery was a monthly staple. If it wasn’t one of us, it was one of our housekeepers or any of the many staff on hand.

The kids grades, as well as health, soared. Not one illness was detected all year. They were nominated for the healthiest offspring of the year award but lost by a hair to a family from the Dominican Republic because they quote unquote may have cured cancer.

Relationally, Krista and I started giving local legendary seminars to single and married folk, offering radical advice on maintaining an amazing, life giving marriage. We grew closer by the millisecond, as our bank accounts grew exponentially.

So basically what I’m saying here is 2015 wasn’t too terribly shabby. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had better but still.

Meanwhile, back on Earth
OK, so success hasn’t exactly happened yet for us. The kids, well, the girls, still suffer from many illnesses. In regards to my relationship with my wife, its been a trying year with many stresses and many disagreements.

Possibly more lows than highs, it has been a tumultuous first year of marriage, with many elements pulling us down. We found ourselves at a bottom and in that time of darkness, we realized how much light shone down on us. With the ability to choose our path together, the narrow road was lit for us and ever since we’ve been running down it.

“Barely making it”, as we often joke, in regards to us getting to our first anniversary still alive and still together, has not only happened but is a new chapter that is brighter than ever.

I love my wife with all of my heart, mind and body. The way we’ve put Christ first in our walk together has made all the difference in the world. Our love is stronger and deeper now, knowing that we have roots growing in the Lord, as the centre of our lives.

We may not have the house trade ins or the monthly vacations or the most successful marriage in the universe (not yet anyway..) but what we’ve got cannot be taken away. We hold it tight to our hearts and will never let go.

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  1. wow!!! So honest and sincere!!! Good for you Kris!!

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