His face was barely visible. The amount of light radiating from Him was almost too much for any of the lost souls to bear, including The One. His mouth did not move as He spoke.

“As you struggle to see Me for all of My goodness, I too struggle to see you because of all of your evil. You,” He thundered, calling out The One. Chamuel released his restraints and brought him before The Promise Keeper. The One’s eyes burned in the glory of his creators presence.

The Promise Keeper continued. “Without direction you did not do well. How did you lead? By killing innocence, altering deaths and confusing eternal destinations. Was that your battle to wage? Patience is a virtue and virtue is not your friend.”

“The issue was not that I did wrong and was trying to fix a glitch. There was never any glitch, though yes, there are and will always be many Enemies bringing chaos, murder and destruction. These are your enemies but that is presently besides the point.”

At that point, the marble floor shook and lightning shot forth from The Promise Keeper. His volume rose. “You created murder and altered eternities for 212 souls that we not ready to leave their earthly bodies and therefore you who should know better than anyone still living, will be cast into eternal flame forever to suffer as the lost do. You did not choose me; you followed your own way and must therefore be separated from Me for all eternity.”

Terror gripped the lost souls and they wept and begged for their souls but only The One had been unrestrained, physically as well as vocally and he remained at the foot of The Promise Keeper.

“You were all chosen; hand picked by Me to lead a division in heaven of the most fluid, brutal warrior angels. To instruct and to transfer the skills you all have yet to realize I have implanted in you. As General’s of the most elite legion of My Peace Keepers, you would have been eternalized with the greatest of honors.”

“But again, I say to you… you chose wrong. For what was in front of you, there was extreme failure and you chose wrong. And now you will fall and tumble and burn forever in the bottomless pit where I do not stand foot. This is your end.”

All went black and all hope vanished in the blink of an eye..

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