“Wait!!!” The One cried out, in desperation to save them from eternal abomination. “Master, let us make it right. I beg of You… allow us this last chance to honor You. The Peace Keepers can escort us to the gates of hell and we will retrieve the souls engulfed-too-soon. We will give them back to You and make right where we have wronged. Please, Lord!”

With His back to them all, The Promise Keeper spoke. “This is My will, imparted to You. You have heard and now go forth to the rim of hell and bring back what could be eternally lost in scalding flame”.

Now set free from all restraint, the lost souls followed close at the heels of the soaring Peace Keepers, through galaxy after galaxy, in a constant descent. The speed at which they travelled caused their souls full transperancy, until the blinding heat of their destination brought them back to normalcy.

They hovered, at a distance, at the lip of hell. The smoldering, spitting volcano of damnation pulsed and breathed; long, gurgled hisses mingled with shrieks of the condemned in constant perish deep inside the great gates. The lip itself was vast, with fresh souls slowly slipping towards the opening gates, as they clawed madly, desperate for a foot hold to safety that would never come.

They also saw the Enemies mocking and taunting the new souls, and protecting the entrance to hell. These serpents of Satan stood firm; massive monsters, bathed in blood, with faces and features so wretched none could look on them for more than a second. Clad in armor and bearing razor sharp swords, they lived for battle and war was now upon them.

The Peace Keepers onslaught descended on them quick. Swords clanged and battle cries pierced all that listened. Chamuel beheaded beast after beast, wiping the demon blood off his sword on the dead. As hell itself was unleashed, with the gates now flung wide open, the souls were sucked faster into the mouth of flame.

The One lead the charge. Through warring angels, they grabbed soul after soul, some by their toe as they were in a head first tumble into the abyss but now saved, for His glory. More Enemies arose from inside the gates, attacking both Peace Keeper and helping souls. Bodies were flung, impaled, quartered and sawn in half. The battle continued until every soul was accounted for. The Peace Keepers stood their ground and though open wounds were upon them, not one perished. No one gave up their status as victor when it came to these beasts from the very pit of hell.

Meanwhile, back on Earth…
At funeral after funeral, corpses were coming back to life. Souls back to where they belong, to the shock of friends and family. Some had just been laid to rest in cremation ovens. Next thing you know, the mortician is losing his lunch at seeing the dead body rise and step out onto the cold floor. One corpse, while laying on the medical examiners table, came back to life just as the skull saw was millimeters away from opening his cranium.

The once dead now walked alive! Justice was restored and the lost souls, including The One, had completed their gory journey from wrong to right. Peace came where abandonment and anger once lived. Things seemed almost too settled…

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