Spirits were literally high on the lush fields in Heaven’s training sector. A cool breeze blew, tussling the grass at the feet of The One, The Chosen Army and The Peace Keepers. Engaged in daily mock battles and Enemy slaying role play challenges, The One was leading fastidiously. Even The Promise Keeper Himself would spend hours instructing and mentoring and commending His newest Commander Most High. Chamuel and his elite arch angels would offer advice and demonstrate the art of the kill, never backing down from a slime ridden satan serpent.

All in Heaven’s embrace knew that it would only be time before the Enemies would wage an attack of epic proportions, in their attempt to level the playing field with payback at their loss at the rim of hell. “They don’t just come back, they come back stronger and with greater numbers,” Chamuel would warn daily. Indeed, only time would tell.

In a quiet moment in total serenity, The One laid back and looked at the heavenlies. He thought of his brief life on earth, the moments in between and now the ultimate victory of not only serving forever in Heaven, but to be fronting an army that would not die. They could not die.

A smile crept across his face so big that no one could take this feeling away. He had arrived.

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  1. Love it and you husband!

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