The Night the Pen Ran Dry

Picture this:

Your life, as you know it, moving along on most of its cylinders ’cause you know full well if all cylinders were thrusting, you’d be much smarter than you are. So anyway the day is similar to all others and then you progress into night. And again, the evening is not, dare I say, anything but mundane, as per the norm. Then boom! Everything is upside down. Everything is NOT in its place. Chaos has exploded where continuity had once resided.

What do you do? Your normal now is a displaced disaster. Freedoms are revoked. Everything you once took for granted is stripped of you, at the cost of a broken heart and water bed full of tears to roll around on uncomfortably all night long for as long as you can count.

Who do you tell? Light shone on it and now you’re here, but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to know. You know who you can trust. But is this too much for them because it’s dang well too much for you!

How do you pick yourself up? They say it’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up*. We’re all resilient. We all have a choice. Fall into some dark, singular depression or bounce back. In this case, the bouncing is like a kid on a trampoline, in super slow-mo.

Heavy, brooding, nasty darkness comes our way every so often; the kind that knocks us on our ass then kicks us hard in the teeth once we realize what just happened. It’s bitter and it doesn’t seem fair. And alone, it is very unmanageable. But with God on my side, I WILL walk through the fire. I WILL pass the test.

* Quote by Vince Lombardi.

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