When Words Are Not Enough

Ever procrastinate?

Ever want to make a change but you’re just stuck?

Ever convince yourself that’s it’s ‘okay’, when you know full well it isn’t?

Ever repeat something every day that guilts you but is a built in habit?

Anything that doesn’t serve you, you serve.

Anything that isn’t a slave to you, you are a slave to it.

Anything that you lie about, lies about you.

Anything that you try and hide, ends up hiding you.

Choosing change is one thing. We can do it easily. Its not rocket science. But actually implementing and persevering is a separate animal.

I recently attended a seminar entitled Success Builders and one thing that stood out maybe the most was one word: focus. In generating wealth, one needs focus. In losing fat or gaining muscle, you need to focus. And in making definitive change, you must have focus.

If I know what’s at stake, that I could lose what’s dearest and most important to me, is it wise to not change?

If I keep pedaling, but without focus or direction, will I get where I want to go?

If my life literally depended upon me making a change.. a hard left change.. would I choose to pass due to comforts and regularity, even knowing death was at my door?

Instinct isn’t enough.

Common sense isn’t enough.

Some things need to be worked at. I’m over saying I’m going to change. Now is when I shut up and show up.

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