Krista Katers: My Wife in a Nutshell (At The Time..)


My wife Krista is a business woman, through and through. We’ve only known each other for under 18 months so hearing of enterprises of the past plus seeing her in action with our kids… she’s almost all business, and I’m realizing that more than ever.

Krista Katers is her newest inception and I, her dedicated writer husband, came up with that katchy title. I’m working alongside her to push this biz into the stratosphere. The business is officially launching next month. The branding is pin-up girl outta the 1950’s. The food is out of this world good and I would know… I get to eat it every day!


The menu, like the dishes themselves, is going to be legendary. Choices such as “Dreamy Creamy Tomato Italian Sausage Penne” or what about her divine Enchiladas, described on the menu as: A taste of the south, perfected in the north. Picture a warm, sun drenched day. A lemonade in hand, a lovers chat and a warm enchilada there for the taking. Handwrapped, homemade with a voluptuous serving of either chicken, pork or beef. A day like this should last forever.

All the delights of the menu aside, Krista’s passion for her work needs to be commended. Kreating in the kitchen gives her great joy and the fact that she can share that with many hungry people warms her to no end. Sure, it is a business and yes, there will be a profit but she’s also exceptionally passionate about giving back to the community and those that are in need. Her Christian values propel her to be selfless and what better Avenue then in the field of fine cuisine.


Obviously, there are too many words out there to describe the embodiment of this woman’s amazing talents, hard work ethic and literal service with a smile. She takes the cake, after she bakes it.

As her husband, I am partial to Krista and stand by her one hundred percent as she leaps into the katering world with both feet. Those of you that know her can also attest to her go-to persona and how gifted she is in the arts of the kitchen. And I extend an invite to those of you that haven’t met Krista or had the extreme pleasure of eating one of her kreations. YOU WILL NOT BE LEFT UNSATISFIED!

Krista Katers. Delicious in its simplicity. Affordable gourmet cuisine.


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