Spare Change.

What’s in a name?

A bunch of letters, a wise man once said. Though true, I have the subtle feeling that there’s a bit more to it.

My home church underwent a name change yesterday under great anticipation. This wasn’t the first time they swapped titles and I understand why.

A name change provides a fresh start, or new identity, if you will. It’s quite biblical considering the name changes when God would call a person into a new version of themselves. It can also be paralleled to the idea of baptism or even salvation itself.. to leave your old self behind (in death) and to start new, or to be born again in the spiritual sense.

Similar in marriage, where typically the wife leaves her old name or identity (single) behind and takes a new name for herself, forever changed, and joined to something making her life better.

Must be costly but I’m all for it. It’s exciting. Not that it took this to prompt me, but it validates a lot of thoughts I have of changing my family name. It’s something that I’ve toyed with for many years and the time to finally make the change is right around the corner.

My name has been exactly that for the past 40 years.. mine. Sure, it’s been mispronounced a dozen or so ways and repeatedly but it’s all I’ve known and I would correct you, dare you screw it up! My children bear this name, as does my wife, and neither has qualms of leaving it behind as we advance to greater things as a unit.

With every change, there will be questions and there will be much effort, not only in the process itself but in moving forward. Just like the church name change, ours just feels right. Not everybody will get it or be supportive but that’s just par for the proverbial course.

Change is inevitable. Change is necessary. You’ll be forever stuck without embracing it. Is this unnecessary and extreme change? Absolutely not. We’re led to it and it will signify better things to come. Will it alter our destiny? You bet it will, in the best way possible.

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