He’s worked so hard. No one but his family has seen the toil, day in day out (night in, night out). Tonights the big night, what you’ve worked so hard toward. The announcement is heard loud and clear… “and the winner for best screenplay is…”

It’s me! My name! All of Hollywood and all those appreciative of the words their favorite characters spoke in their favorite movie of the year are noticing me! Noticing my work!

It’s what I’ve waited so long for but will have to still wait longer. Gee.. what a moment, hey.. a room full of strangers and people watching worldwide (also strangers) making notice of me and subconsciously all the work I’ve done to get here.

I have no doubt that moment will be pretty cool but I can also imagine something even cooler… the support of people who actually know me along the way. During these blog years and during these TV appearance/camera hopeful moments and during this slow but steady climb to write for a living it would be nice to have a growing fan base, as it were.

This is something I struggle with often and my wife comes to the rescue, reminding me to focus on the work itself. I’m also reminded of something Will Smith said:


Of course, it’s not about fame or notoriety. It’s not about “look at me! look at me!” It’s about the work I do. But my thing is.. why does anyone write a song? Or paint a picture? Or do anything creative??

Yes, part of it is self-expression. And yes, part of it is you’re doing your part to make the world a better, more diverse place. Also, there’s the money aspect ‘cuz a man’s gotta eat. But I can guarantee all of us included in that mix also would like some sort of pat on the back. A ‘great job, kid’. Or a Facebook like; ooooh, maybe even a share!

I’m not going to be the bitter man over this; I’ve really had to thicken my skin in these regards. Recognition and support feel good and would be a nice boost along my way as I get to where I am going, but I guess it’ll have to come when it’s needed less. And that’s okay.

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