I yearn to be legendary.

All I want to do is create, and when I create, I want it to be nothing short of great. But it can’t stop there because I want it touching and inspiring people, and for that to happen they need to ingest my creation. They need to devour it, preferably small piece by small piece, chewing each bite many times before actual digestion.

I want to be known. Not in the way you might think; I could care less about fame. What I want is to be ‘The guy’. I want to better lives. I want others to realize they also can do whatever they put their minds to. I want to be referred to. I want to feel valued and adored… the more the merrier.

I want to inspire myself. As I dig, often deep, into the well of me, I want to constantly be surprised at what lies there, ready to be carried to the surface and exposed for all. I want my art to be picked from a tree, examined and enjoyed, not discarded at first glance because of an imperfection. My work is riddled with imperfection and that’s what makes it mine.

I want to ride the wave of where this gift takes me. I want the work to go places far and wide, and oh so high, as I ride along by its side. I want the journey to teach me, and to humble me. After all, I am just a conduit, the same as any artist, musician or writer. The words come as a gift; I simply write them down.

I want to be remembered for my art. Not many will know me, but many will know what I have created. I want my work and it’s fruits to bless generation after generation to come, worldwide. I want to look back and be able to say without any doubt that I lived full, at least the second half of my life. This matters.

I want to write. That’s all. I’ll forget to eat. Maybe lose track that I need sleep. Can’t forget to hold my wife, maybe strike up a chat. Then it’s back to the typewriter. This conduit needs to feel the current and all will fall into place. Amen.

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