There’s Always Room for More

The kids mom been dodgin’ child support. Can’t seem to get enough shut eye. Not one but both vehicles need work. Planning a month-away move. Problems with the kids. Not losing fat.

Sounds like your life? Okay, maybe more like my life but still.

Throw in dual career goings-on: I’m mid-pitch to a local TV station promoting the concept of a cooking show with my wife. I’m writing all the music for it. I’ve begun mental prep for a novel. I have a screenplay I’m into. I’m keeping up with two blog series (or trying to!). I’m submitting my work daily online and I swear there’s more.

Meanwhile, the duality factor I just mentioned has my wife working full time, catering for clients often around the clock and currently prepping for a wedding she’s catering for on Monday, with the help of her endearing hubby, aka moi. Not to mention other upcoming projects she’s bracing for, the TV show being one of them.

But amidst all the hard work and all the drive, not enough comes in compared to what goes out financially. Yes, folks, we’re all shoulder deep in this beautiful recession but how my mind is programmed tells me that I can still prosper during times of drought and hardship. I just need to work even harder.

Do I have time for that tho? Considering a full-time job, kid time/issues, gym time, wife time, music playing/writing time, cleaning time and sleep time? Where is there more time!

There always is. Don’t you find that to be true? No matter how overwhelming life can be when you stand back and categorize it all like I just did, there is still time for things of importance or necessity.

This hasn’t been a ‘look at me go’ confessional of sorts by any means. It’s an identifiable assertion that everyone  faces and conquers daily. The sheer craziness of the depths of our brains and the ability we all have to organize, prioritize and any other ‘ize’ word applicable is astounding. I kinda love it.

Gotta keep moving. And preferably forward. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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