Ever have great plans and everything falls into place for the most part and things are almost too perfect, only to realize that a bottom will fall out and that curve ball that you forgot always seems to come came?

Should have known better. Should have had defenses in place. But how? Life happens and though not Mr Karma, obviously life has a way about itself. After all, there can’t be day without night. And we all know that if bad things are happening to you, there is relief or good times around the corner. It’s just how it is.

But this time, I want things different. In fact, I’d like the entire rest of my life protected so that it’s only all just good things coming to me. Fiction, I know but get what I’m trying to say.

The fam and I are making the big move to Calgary next week. It was thought out, yes, but acted on quickly and carried out even quicker. I’m packing up something daily. And the main point here is that seemingly everything is falling into place. Jobs for both my wife and I. A new catering client, amongst others. A beautiful big house. School arrangements made for the offspring in the fall. Finances in order to make it all happen. Etcetera.

And then my back goes out. Or the bank seizes our money. A vehicle implodes. Someone is hospitalized. Jobs are lost. (Okay so none of this has happened but this is what I’m saying!). Things are too good right now. And see in me anticipating a disaster or two, I feel like I’m already tiptoeing successfully over that invisible trip wire. But I need to take more ‘steps’ than that. I can’t just acknowledge impending problems, I have to shield myself, family, finances, vehicles, jobs, our general well-being to boot. How though?

Prayer and plenty of it. I swear, I’m asking for so much coverage, if it was an earthly transaction, I’d owe for the rest of my life! But I serve a God that gives and loves me like the good father He is. And so I pray and I believe.

I believe that the devil, though slicky and tricky, will not come in like a thief in the night and steal what is not his for I am covered and protected and blessed. It’s really that simple.

Am I living in perfection here on in? Absolutely. The high life that no one’s ever known. Nothing bad can or will happen to me ever again. Um ya right. Wouldn’t that be the flippin bomb of a life.

And so I pack and make those arrangements and say those prayers. Similar to Hulk Hogan who used say his prayers and take his vitamins and.. something else I cannot recall. We’re similar in many ways but that’s another story.

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