Power blog time.

I’ve got 8.6 minutes left on my 15 at work. I wanted to use all 15 writing but buddy in the staff room was flappin gums so now I’m down to 8.2.

I work in grocery and I’ve just spent the past 2 hours or so facing product. Monotonous labor that has me thinking about what I’m going to write about in my book tonight. Also, I’m thinking I miss my wife, how nice a long sleep tonight will be and how to exchange this belly for abs.

Meanwhile, every Tom, Dick and Harry are interrupting my deep thought with important questions like “Where are your foil pans?” and “Can you reach that on the top shelf for me?”

Oh great. Buddy’s back and talking to me.

Yes, you read me right. I’m penning a novel. A publishing company loves a blog series of mine and wants to see a full manuscript. Quite exciting stuff in all actuality.

Ugh, are you kidding me?! He’s back again. And I’m out of break time.

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