Kids. Wife. Work. Gym. Writing. Sleep. Eating. Errands. Sharing. Connecting. Friends. Family. Bills. Down time. Housecleaning. Yard work. Developing new relationships whether at work, new associates of family members or church members. Organization. Giving. Receiving. Vehicle upkeep. Debts worked on. And the list doesn’t stop there.

Who received a life map at birth? Not even at birth, but even at age 18? Maybe future generations can have exactly that.

If somebody gave me a list of all life duties, whether one for the unmarried without children or one for the married with children or whatever, I would definitely be appreciative. A blueprint for your life, generally speaking, is not an unhelpful thing.

Maybe it should be taught in schools. Somebody drilling an actual day to day truly usable life skill manual in my head instead of what the diameter of an isosceles triangle inverted times pi is would have been much more beneficial.

The art of multitasking. How to balance a months income with bills, a mortgage, groceries etc. How to develop patience for screaming children. Figuring out and maintaining a well rounded and healthy diet and having drilled incessantly in my head the benefits of good exercise. The act of connecting with others on a deep level. How to grow a business. How to sell a business. What to do in a recession.

Ultimately, creating and programming the world’s most knowledgeable children, the kind of knowledge I’m referring to, starts with the parents. I’ll be the first to admit… my son could have a chance but he’s already seemingly too set in his ways. My daughter’s, on the other hand, could be my prodigies though learning disabilities already present them from “normal learning”, but never say never.

Parents, uncles, teachers, government officials, police… basically anyone able to teach and instruct the youth of tomorrow need to be passing down these tools, in whatever capacity possible. Put you and me at the top of the list.

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