A recent family scare told through the eyes of 4 of us.


‘I  wonder if those girls are okay. I’ll run to the park to check on them.’ Said park is a good distance but I trust they could find it.

1 minute later…

I arrive at the destined park, only to realize my daughter’s are nowhere to be found. My heart drops hard into my stomach. I get out of the car and call out their names. Nothing. Instantly, I’m thrown into a terror mindset. All those years of watching crime shows is now playing havoc in my mind! Were they taken?! Oh my goodness! I should never have let them go, what was I thinking?

I texted my husband the news and I started driving. Up one cul-de-sac and down the next, hyperventilating and wiping the incessant stream of hot tears that rolled down my face. “Please God, keep them safe!” I pray. I can barely see at this point. I know they’ve been abducted. They wouldn’t know how to resist a strangers advances.

I’m sick to my stomach. If I never see them again, I will never forgive myself. My husband must hate me.

Thank God he’s looking for them now too. Still, almost no use. I must call the police. I drive in circles then go home and call for them and repeat. So hopeless. They’ve been taken. Why did I let them go!!


I was at work when I got the text. My daughter’s were nowhere to be found. My wife suspected foul play. I tried to continue doing my job but I couldn’t think about anything except the safety of my two little girls. The day previous had been one of the best days we’ve had in a while, and now this was happening!?

Convincing myself they had gotten a little lost, I explained the same sentiment to my wife, and advised her to keep looking. I recruited my 17 year old to walk the neighbourhood in search of his younger sisters.

Each passing second, I was sure I’d get a text saying they were found. Only the opposite happened: more messages requesting police involvement and hearing that they’re unfound. Eventually I left work and bolted home, first consoling my mess of a wife and then hopping in the Jeep and circle the neighbourhood.

Thoughts of terror tried to creep in and I’d command them to leave. I couldn’t entertain thoughts of someone driving down the highway with my crying children, exhilarated at the thoughts of what he wants to do. I would NOT entertain those images and I called on my God many times for guidance, peace and sanity.

Around the block. Inside stores. Home to check. Asking people ‘have you seen my daughter’s?’. All stuff nightmares are made of. Breathing was hard. Heart beyond racing. Working on all cylinders to not only keep my wits in check but to be the solid rock I needed to be for my wife and son.

The Girls

Glad we made it to the park! Let’s have fun!

With our water bottles in hand, we started walking home. Within a few minutes, nothing looked familiar but we kept going.

Okay, why are we crossing this busy intersection when we never did on our way to the park? I dunno, let’s just keep going.

It’s getting cool and cloudy and we have to pee. Our feet are getting so sore, plus we’re crazy thirsty and now hungry. I wonder why we aren’t home yet. Let’s keep going.

Feels like we’ve been gone forever. We wish someone would help us but we aren’t supposed to talk to strangers. Maybe our house is up ahead??


Eventually, police were deployed and still we waited, scared and unsure of the future. About 45 minutes later we got word that the girls had been spotted by and spoken to by a city bus driver, whom tipped off the police. They had walked for literally three hours or so in the wrong direction.

My daughter’s are smart, beautiful, caring and many other things and I love them with every fibre of my being. They suffer a few cognitive delays and this experience was an eye opener, for sure.

In those long moments, all is truly stripped away. Money, other stresses, work, whatever… Nothing else matters. I would have given anything; everything. When my own life to have them safe and home. And praise God the ending was a happy one.

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