I have become a genuine fatty. A lard-ass, if you will. I’ve never felt so unattractive.

This was me 3 years ago, at the top of my proverbial game. In the gym 5 to 6 days a week and rockin some impressive guns.

I was on a constant incline of health, always aware of what I was eating or doing and continually beautying up. I took care of myself and it showed.

Now look at me. Haven’t been in a gym in over 3 months. Developed love affairs with sugar, junk food and the liquor.

Now I have man boobs and boob sweat. I sometimes have breathing issues and I’m slow to get up and get down. I used to always feel at least 5 to 10 years younger than I am and now I feel like an old geezer who’s chain smoked his entire crappy little life.

How did I get here I ask you to ask yourself? Basically two years worth of too much alcohol, trips to mcdonalds, chocolate bars, white bread, pop, cake and chocolate. Yes, I’d consume good stuff too but weigh too much junk (see what I did there?). Oh and lack of intense exercise. Oh and really bad sleep patterns and sleep length.

From what was once a healthy body inside and out, is now a body not getting enough rest, getting an overload of bad carbohydrates, an overload of sugar spikes of obscene levels and a body that is just hanging in there.

Why did I allow this to happen? I joke about how it’s my wife’s cooking, due to us only being married a year point five. But I’m the culprit, not her. I’ve just been lazy I guess, that’s really all I got. It just kind of happened and now I have to work double time to peel away layer after later of flab and get the real me back.

Tomorrow it begins. Me against my rolls. I need me back. Enough is enough..

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  1. Kudos on having the personal strength to share this pic. “You will achieve anything you truly believe” 🙂

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