If Ya Smell What The Roids Are Cooking 

It seems to be a popular thing now for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is at the complete top of his game right now, to be questioned about steroid use by multiple interviewers. In a nutshell, his answer is always the same, where he talks about trying them when he was younger and refers to them as taking away from his hard work ethic. Then enter all the Tom, Dick and Trollers on social media giving their two cents as far as “Good for him” or “Why is he lying?!” etcetera.

Last time I checked, steroids aren’t legal. Last time I checked, there is a huge stigma surrounding them where many confused people consider steroids to cause death. Last time I checked, the general population considers those that take steroids to be cheating, that is to say they didn’t put in the hard work say a ‘natural body builder’ had.

So as you can well imagine, for an interviewer to come at The Rock very gently like, “Hey, what about this steroids issue? No biggie but.. ever tried?” It’s easy for the interviewee to dodge or dance around and give the kind of responses he’s been giving. However, what if the interviewer said “Steroids are highly addictive, they kill people and the world thinks you’re a joke and have cheated, therefore shining a light on you that says ‘this man cannot be trusted’ and should subsequently never work in this town again. How can men, women and children look up to him when he’s doing this stuff behind our backs? Goodbye, Sexiest man alive. If there was a bottom of a totem pole, please go about six feet under that.” (Sidenote: those are not my views on steroids.)

It’s pretty straight forward what his answer would be. And either way the interviewer words it, Mr. Johnson is no idiot, I guarantee you. He knows what’s at stake if he tells the world something so glaringly obvious yet in many minds, they could swing either way. Might as well hop in that time machine, visit Jeffrey Dahmer and ask him in his free days if he was killing, raping and eating multi cultured boys. He wouldn’t say “Yep, I’ve been a busy man.”

The media colors people, events and places however it wants and we the people can digest accordingly. The Rock makes us think he looks down on steroids in an interview so we now must assume The Rock doesn’t take steroids. Don’t we know different though? We’ve seen him ‘bulk up’ (I say that in quotes because he’s already constantly bulked up) for various roles, especially ‘Pain and Gain’ where he looked massive and amazing beforehand and then for the movie he looks like a friggin mutated monster of epic proportions. Recently he leaned down for the ‘Baywatch’ movie and then got massive again for ‘Fast and Furious’.

Can’t actors hire trainers and transform their bodies for roles, you ask? Abs-olutely, time and time again. But nothing like The Rock. Consider where he spent a decade before hitting the silver screens? World Wrestling Entertainment as ‘The most electrifying man in sports entertainment’. I, as well as millions of other fans, adored him in that role (and still do!).

Take a look at all the talent on the roster, then, now or whenever. Minus some fatties and a few smaller characters, the majority of the wrestlers are literally larger than life. Ripped, sculpted, cut, jacked.. you name it, they’re really life superheroes. Yes they train heavy daily but yes, steroids use is rampant behind the scenes and The Rock being a huge part of the show for many, many years I’m certain developed a decent use cycle then and knows full well what he’s doing now, pardon the ‘I didn’t know what I was doing’ when he first tried it and never did since.

I’m on your side, Rock. I get your media responses and I would do the same. Trollers.. have just a smidgen of common sense. It’s really not rocket science. And to everyone else, yes, he does take steroids. But he’s got to protect himself.

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