It’s a new year and I am a new man. I’ve somehow attained this gifted ability, as though leaving my clothes behind and stepping into a purifying shower where I come out the other side fully cleansed, to leave night for day. I’ve traded in my old, sinful ways for peace and prosperity. Happy 2017, e’rbody!

If only that were true. I’m still the same person, inside and out. Same man who had hopes and dreams yesterday. Same guy who has faced many obstacles in this life but comes out sharper and stronger. But the transformation is in full effect and that, my friends, is what matters.

I just referenced sharpness; maybe the wrong word. If there was one underlying product of 2016, it could be said that I numbed myself a lot. Because of this, there was a great deal of memory issues, strong desires to nap indefinitely and a huge lack of creativity, effecting my writing and creating a lack thereof. If I wasn’t one thing, it was sharp.

Change is neither simple nor is it enjoyable; the end product is what we strive for and it’s what makes any of the journey attemtable. I’ve picked up some long term habits that are rooted in the neurons in my brain that, could you interview said brain, he would inform you that these habits are right up there with brushing teeth, eating and sleeping. In other words, to change a life pattern so ingrained in my daily grind is greatly challenging in altering. But hey, I’m up for it. I want what’s at the finish line more than what I know  (or don’t know) what I am up against.

And it’s not just one area where I need serious alterations: it’s safe to say at least a handful of big deal, way of living alterations comin’ up. Pretty hard core when I stop and think about it.

Years ago, I adopted the idea of creating attainable goals for myself at the end of each year and to look on them often throughout the next year, crossing them off as I meet them one at a time. Before this, it was the typical new years resolutions which most know are flash in the pan notions of a transformed you, but without the know-how or hard work put in. Setting new years resolutions is a sure fire way of setting yourself up for failure over and again. Don’t do them.

As I move forward, with nearly the first of three hundred and sixty five days under my belt, I feel it to be a struggle. But if it was flippin easy, then it wouldn’t be worth my time. Strength will return as it always does when one needs it the most and through the darkness, I will find not only the new path set for me but I will emerge victorious.

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