Each and every time, though many years apart, Metallica releases a new album and I get all ecstatic. One might say I lose my shiznit. I mean, this is one of the most important bands that opened my eyes to metal when I was at a most impressionable age. And I mean, this is the band that gave us mind blower albums like Master Of Puppets, …And Justice For All and ’91’s the black album.

So how is it that album after album since the black album they suck terribly??

The Load albums? Crap. St. Anger? A couple borderline maybes but overall garbage. Death Magnetic? Name me one memorable or decent song. Right?!

And now Hardwired.. To Self-Destruct. Boys, I’ll tell you what… You’ve obviously been hardwired to Self-destruct many, many moons ago yet you keep on ticking. And that’s the crazy part! I want you to be awesome! I respect that you’re all fifty or pushing and you are still frikking Metallica.. so cool and we’ll done. But guys, can you start writing stuff like you did three decades ago? Any possibility there? That’s what your fans want to hear.

Twenty five years since the black album. Not one good song in twenty five years. I don’t understand it. Yet I keep hope. Does James think this new album is good and worthy of recording? I guess so… but how can it be, after writing such monsters of song like Blackened or Sad But True or Battery? How, James, do you write One and then write Frantic?

I understand and a huge round of applause for James back in ’03 for getting (and staying) sober. I have a giant appreciation for that and the time he’s now added to his life, good call, James. And as discussed with my wife over my new found upset with the Hardwired album, there’s a strong possibility that sobriety has altered their sound here on in and forever. Possibly age plays a factor too, in the sense that they’re getting to be old men, and old men with young children and wives and the list goes on. I wouldn’t think it was a reality but is it possible they write what they can and then use fillers more than write masterpiece riffs to save time? Lars and Robert are trying to hammer out a rhythym section and Kirk’s like, “Dude, we’re good, I’m tired”.Doubtful and rude to assume but I’m just trying to figure this out.

I’d still go see them and fully intend to for this tour, though you best believe I’ll be crossing my fingers that the set list includes the extreme minimal amount of new songs (and by new songs I mean anything written in the last two and a half decades…).

I do support them and will never stop listening to them nor keeping that hope alive that maybe, just maybe one day an album will come out at least somewhat on part of the first five albums  (ok, minus Kill ‘Em All). Rock on and rock out, boys. You’re apart of me and off into geriatric land we ride.

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