Apparently, I am living in a world that has gotten so far out of hand with political thoughts, non-stop internet trolling, agendas being pushed and minorities vying for a top spot, no matter the cost, with in-your-face mentalities. I personally try to stay away from the nonsense but it just builds up, ya know? A person would go postal if they didn’t let stuff air from time to time. (Pre-warning: I, in no way, am trying to ruffle feathers or am targeting certain groups or minorities. I am doing the opposite which is to show how messed up the world is on many, many fronts.)

There is a live action movie version of Disney’s Beauty and The Beast about to hit theatres in 2 weeks. Not something I’m overly excited about on any level, though my thirteen year old daughter’s may like to take in a viewing I’m sure. A few days ago I heard that in this version there is an openly gay character/romance and this has many people’s panties in a bunch. My people mostly, to be precise. The Christians. We believe homosexuality is a sin (though we are called to love the person aka the homosexual) and so to take our children to a Disney movie and have them exposed to that… well, I get it. This is exactly the thought of a theatre owner in the States. He’s refusing to have Beauty and The Beast showings and of course our left wing friends are in an uproar, condemning him and throwing mud, hoping he suffers financially because of his choice and his stance to do what he wants. And is that not alright? He bought the theatre, not you, so why are you forcing what you’d like down his throat? He owns it so he can do what he wants.

Rod Stewart was recently filming a video where, at one point, he used a chopping motion with his hand toward the neck of a man on his knees, emulating a scene from the show Game of Thrones. Someone saw it and demanded it be removed, because to them, Mr. Stewart was glorifying the terrorist group Isis and their beheadings. Hold that thought.

Another similar story in the recent media finds a woman coming across a t-shirt from the ever popular show The Walking Dead. The bad guy Neegan’s baseball bat, draped in barbed wire and blood, named Lucille is depicted in it, with the tag line from the show “Eeny meeny miny moe”. This woman complained so much that it was removed from the store on the basis that it was racist. Well over a hundred years ago, the next part of that nursery rhyme involved the N word (though since, its been changed to Tiger..) and that brought back thoughts of racial inferiorities to her so yep, the shirt was removed.

Who are these people?? We all get our free speech, this is fact. But how did we become such butthurt bitches that we need to cry and fuss and not only that but force our own thoughts and agendas down your throats as though they are weapons that need to combat your already unsheathed weapon. Why can’t that theatre owner do as he pleases? Why did this woman act this way and what’s worse, why on earth did someone listen to her, when its pure nonsense??

A friend of mine living abroad found it necessary to apologize to someone after he made a joke siting a difference in men and women the other day. This person, then several others after in gratitude he apologized, were offended. Unnecessary butthurtisms, I tell you what.

A day or so ago, I shared an article via facebook referencing transgenderism is a mental disorder as well as discussion that homosexuality in TV and movies is garnering less viewers. My new friend, whom we see things very differently but can respect and like one another, commented in detail and chose to share, which his comments got much praise from his circle of friends and family that support his lifestyle and so they should. But as par for the basis of this blog posting, why is there that strong desire to put in your two cents or to defend yourself and then bash the righties? It’s my Facebook page and I chose to share it but does that automatically mean it was put there to be sliced, diced and made fun of? In a sense and by the way this world which swirls slowly down the toilet operates, yes. Have at ‘er. But the entire point of my writing today is to say yes, we are all different. And yes, this is the internet. But somehow, just somehow can we redirect this sinking ship of trolls and snowflakes and unnecessary banter that post after post after post times infinity that we see in our daily feeds? The next time you see some Trump comment as fodder for you to jump on and escalate, maybe take a breath, ask yourself why and move on? I  (and many other occupants of the world) will find you and shake your hand.

Age old advice: think before you speak. And if your thoughts spurn you to want to join the masses, do it differently, will you? Compliment your adversary. Say a kind sentence about what you have learned from them at one point. Or discuss random ideas like “what about the weather?” Please. Redirect before this toilet is flushed fully and words are completely meaningless.

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