“In Cold Blood”

The animal paces deep inside

In my cage I seethe and writhe
With knuckles white, no compromise
I only want to feed the flies
With you, with you
I only want to feed the flies with you

Days are behind me that I cared
About anything that mattered to me before
No more joy or peaceful sentiments
All that’s left is undeniable anger
Pervasive thoughts invade my soul
Leaking oceans fill these 4 walls
Curtailed fantasy becomes reality
Mind sponging heartily.. cold blood

In cold blood, I have arrived
In cold blood, you must die
In cold blood, no more lies
In cold blood, from me untie

Released to oblivion!
Your blood on my hands puts me in demand
I refuse to follow you down to your abyss
And I will not live in one here on earth

Cleansing me
From iniquity
The scars I breed
Conceal destiny

The past wiped clean from the obscene
On a narrow path I propagate
My undeniable one eighty
For those that hear, listen now
Can you decipher?

In cold blood, no longer recognize
In cold blood, completely ostracized
In cold blood, a new divide
In cold blood, you are my bride

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