We live in such fantasy worlds.

Watching and thoroughly enjoying movies, whether it be Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Braveheart, The Notebook, The Passion of the Christ, E.T… there is always evil coming for us. It’s something that cinematically we cannot escape.

And Hollywood mimics real life, don’t you agree? Let me ask you this.. is life hard for you? Consistently trying and problematic? Always racing against time to get to better, but constantly thwarted in said journey and getting knocked on your ass? Evil is coming for us, 24/7.

Most days, the darkness outweighs the light. Evil attacks our nervous system via bills, overdue bills, sickness, child sickness, work stress, marriage stress, vehicle problems, dissolved friendships and the list goes on.

Evil doesn’t just play games and show up coyly.. it’s right up in our faces at times. Fear. Terror. Grief. Loneliness. And these lead to the breakdown of us cognitively and emotionally, ultimately leading some of us to addiction, depression or even suicide.

Doesn’t it feel like, over the course of each day, that more bad happened/is happening than good stuff, overall? Don’t forget, a good percentage of our day is filled with the mundane or what I like to call neutral, neither good nor bad, just… mundane or boring. The shower, the commute to work, quite often the work itself, the drive home etc. Sure, we can spice these periods of time up say with music or with prayer or meaningful thought or conversation but still, we’re immersed in heavy mundanity.

And what’s waiting for us and laughing at us during these times? You guessed it… evil. It hunts us. It craves our misfortune.

It hates us, however. It doesn’t pester us so much because it wants to be our friend. It doesn’t crave our touch and it wouldn’t care to be purposely included.

It toys with us. It feeds on on our failure. It comes to spin us around so we lose focus on what really matters and we then begin to compensate it’s destructive properties and we get all mixed up and stressed and addicted and alone and lost and then it has reached its full potential. Evil has succeeded, whether at the first step of spinning us around or at the last step of us putting that cold gun barrel into our mouths.

Don’t let it win. Funny, I know. I, for one, have no intention of letting it beat me yet somehow, through confusion or suddenness or minutely inadvertently, it creeps in. It seeps into our lives faster than we can say “Go away!” Even us living under spiritual protection in covenant with God… though the bulk of it may realize its unwelcome, darkness still and will always find a way. Always.

So this is where we lie down and give up. Or… we realize that life isn’t about the getting knocked down because that will always occur when evil rules the land. When we begin to understand that it’s all about the getting back up and continually advancing in our lives, no matter if the winds of evil are blowing at 80 kilometres an hour and were making every step forward count, even if its three feet. It’s still progress.

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