The First Annual Metal Awards…

Why isn’t there a metal music awards show yet?? Flabbergasting.

Think about it. Country music has them. Hip hop has them. The Grammys attempts to celebrate all musical genres but seems to disallow any heavy music categories to even be on the regular broadcast. Kudos to them inviting Metallica to perform this year but then I take that back due to the technical guys screwing up the sound epically and nearly ruining the performance, if Metallica hadn’t been such professionals. And let’s face it.. if you enjoy radio crap then you’re going to love what the Grammys have to offer, with no real talent. But now I’m getting off topic.

Consider the TV show The Voice. Hey, I can enjoy some of that, mostly due to the four hosts, but again, there is next to zero rock, let alone metal. And do you recall that similar show Rock Star hosted by Dave Navarro? Now that was cool, and it was a Mark Burnett production. But two seasons and it tanked. For once, the world came close to enjoying metal on a weekly TV basis.

Anyone who dismisses metal is missing out on alot. Just like the girl who comes alive at the sound of country twang or the guy that feels the beat in a hip hop jam, so can a metal head also get fed in their way. The throb, the intensity, the speed, the screams or grunts or even melodic vocals.. there’s nothing like it.

It speaks for generations. It gets out aggression where otherwise people could turn to stupid behavior. It’s a way of life; a genre unto it’s own. And so, so many subcategories of metal, dare I even attempt a few? Heck yes.

Metal. Heavy metal. Rock. Hard rock. Alternative. Hardcore. Grindcore. Nu metal. Death metal. Funk metal. Black metal. Emo. Screamo. Christian metal. Thrash metal. Speed metal. And the list goes on.

Metal could be considered the bedrock of all musical genres. And I get the fact that it’s the underground, untapped commercially beast that it is but I wouldn’t think that would all collapse if there was an annual show rewarding the well deserved recipients. I know I’d watch it!

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