Recently, I was hired on at a Red Deer oil field company. Yay me, right? I get responses such as. “Wow that’s alot of money!” and “Congrats!” and “Oh good yo hear the economy is bouncing back”. I can’t speak for the economy but I am glad to have secured a quote unquote career witj amazing financial and other benefits. Great, right? I’m terrified.

No, I’m not afraid of the camps. I’m not scared of the twelve hour shifts. What I am very nervous about is being away from my family 15-20 days a month, give or take.

Up until two years ago, me being a single father of three for forever was my definition; it’s who I was and still am. Yes I’m married now and time away from my wife won’t be fun either. But these kids. And needy, special needs, abandoned by their bio mom and still at a distance, sadly, from their stepmom.

I’ve done lots of things in this world, both good and bad. The one thing I committed my life too in raising children professionally and doing all I could to be the best father and the centre of the world to my three babies. In a sense, the transition of me being away from them and my wife as well as my surroundings will be harder on me than them. A learning curve for us all, I guess.

The road to training has been an eye opener health wise for me. I am finishing this post as I sit waiting for blood work, the third time in a week. In the past month I have discovered I have high blood pressure, that I have some blood and protein in urine and I currently have what was loosely diagnosed as a kidney infection, after spending half the day in the hospital yesterday.

I feel like this whole thing has been a wake up call for me on many levels. I am able to see and improve my health issues before they/I get worse. It’s allowed me to stop the rush rush of life and temporarily slow down and address areas of importance and of course I am now able to work through separation issues and be the provider I need to be.

All in all, life is good. I’m not going to die (fingers crossed) and we will all adapt.. in the name of something better. In the mean time, if there ever was a time to play the lottery….

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