Beyond the horizon there is a vision

Unforeseeable though it speaks to me
The reasonance of evil
Clouds my eyes and deters me
Yearning for a destination
Wandering eternity
In this garden, we are naked
In this garden, we are free

But darkness swallows
For I am hollow
Born to follow
As we wallow

Held back and suffocated
Underlying cause created
By the hands that orchestrate it
A pawn at best since procreation

We are punctured
Like his hands, his feet, his side
From the one who gave us life
Listen to the voice inside
As a whole we must decide

The day has turned to night
The witching hour arrives
The ghouls that pester reappear
The monsters hunting, haunting near
Death encryptic
So specific
Save me, save me, re-engage me

What is my purpose and where is my soul?
Indelible sadness I cannot control
And so I’m depleted and ravished and spent
There’s only but one thing to do… repent

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