As They Rise Up…

I predict a vicious, all-out war within the next ten to fifteen years and it’s not what you think.

Sure, President Trump has ruffled many a-feather but that’s the last thing on my mind. The war I’m referring to is the Conservatives versus the Liberals. The extreme right against the extreme left.

It’s getting to be too much. Everything is hyper sensitive, and so is everyone. Or so it seems. Transgenderism is in, though only makes up 0.3 percent of the population of the United States. Why is such a small group everywhere it seems? Left wingers believe we are to embrace everything under the sun, no matter how psychotic the behaviour is.

Let me back up a step first with a few quick facts. I am a righty though I rarely feel the need to actually assert myself with any time. Anyone from the LBQT community.. there is no hatred; I am called to love all equally. However, that doesn’t mean I share your beliefs, as you do not share mine. With that being said, I’m just one guy with a voice and I also like to be heard from time to time. Where was I…

There are not 57 genders. There is no need for gender neutral birth certificates. There is no need for next generation children to be educated on transgenderism and that it’s okay. There is no earthly need for a parent to encourage what they now, in this day and age, to perceive that their three year old is transgender and needs to be treated that way. It is nothing more than a mental illness. And many in this world promote it and want acceptance as though it was a new form of candy or a new line of automobiles.

Again, the idea of it and the twisted behaviors of these people is not my cup of tea nor should it be anybodies. But the person inside this disease I can totally see and love. Take the long running show Survivor. Yes, I still watch it but more must than only me because it’s entering into its thirty fifth season! Anyways there was recently a contestant on the show, a guy named Zeke. I liked him through the two back to back seasons he was in. Midway through the most recent season, he was outed by another cast mate whom he had confided in, that Zeke was in fact transgender. The way this other guy rudely outed him combined with Zekes original helpless reaction counteracted with the other tribe mates all reacting in tears and defending Zeke made me well up too. Tears poured down my face as I watched Zeke try to make the best of this dreaded scenario, in front of millions of viewers but greater than that, how hurt and betrayed he must have felt on the inside.

He may be confused. He may be ill in that sense, but inside he’s just another child of God. He’s just like you and he’s just like me.

And transgenderism, though the hot topic that it is, is only one of many that such a large portion of the world now supports and wants each living individual to embrace it. If we don’t and stick to our own beliefs, we are instantly called small minded and wrong. If we don’t support what you think we need to get behind because the way of the world is to follow, we are labeled other names and looked down upon.

And this is where the war begins. I’m not asking for one. I vote for peace in the middle East (and here at home). I don’t share my thoughts to provoke, but to enlighten to the fact that the more people lean towards this left wing way, at one point the rest of the world will no longer stand for it and something bad will go down.

As is the way of the world. As it crumbles, the only hope is in God.

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