Many things have been lost or stripped away but one thing will never fail and that is that I am a father.

I have found jobs then lost them. Found salvation then walked away, only to re-find it. I have found romantic relationships then lost them. There’s been horrible sickness, vehicle accidents, failures, victories, promotions, physical goals met then lost.

Just like the next person, this thing they call life is jam packed with ups and downs, highs and lows, and plenty of in-betweens. I’ve had jump starts of success here and there but I’ve always remained a solid father. Some that know me close enough might even say a good father. And if that’s all I’ll ever really be, then I’ve done something right.

I never had a father in my life. The times he was around, he wasn’t really. My mother had to be both roles to me and that is what I am to my three beautiful blessings.

And though I’ve never really looked at it like this but my mother recently said something along the lines that through all our families turmoil and trying times, I have been the children’s rock. Homes, schools, people, jobs, pets have come and gone but I have been there with and for them since day one and that is such a high compliment to embrace. Its not a title I won or a name I earned, it’s just what I am. And it, in turn, solidifies in my children’s minds the mirrored image of God the ultimate father. Never leaving, always listening, always loving.

Nothing has given me more reward. I used to tell people that Jeremy, my first born, coming along saved my life and nothing could be more true. I would die for any of them, just as you would for yours.

What an amazing journey, this thing they call parenthood. To all parents, not just the fathers… keep on keeping on. Nothing is more important. Pour into them. Lead by example. Actions do truly speak louder than words. And all those other cheesy sentiments… they are for real.

Nobody loves you more than your child. And the relationship is a perfect circle of reciprocated adoration. Happy Father’s/parents day!

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