Today is a new day.

I’m an open book, all puns intended. I have openly written about my drinking, excessive weight gain, my marriage (or now lack there of), my hopes and dreams etc so I’m not about to stop now.

I’ve seen my share of day jobs and for the most part relatively short versions of. Sure, this day and age is far from the era of my dad being at his job for, I don’t know, thirty some odd years. These days the average is twelve to fifteen different jobs or careers and I’ve no doubt matched or exceeded that number. And just a spring chicken at forty one!

Often times I’ve moved, therefore forcing me to walk away from a job, long term or not. The longest career I was involved with was working with children for, including a year of schooling, around the seven year mark. My heart began to leave the field as my own children grew and so I walked away. Before and after, the list is lengthy: janitorial, McDonald’s, gas station, airport ramp agent, landscaping, couriering, writing (though yet to be paid or published!), hard wood flooring, grocery and even I’m falling asleep listing these let alone you poor soul reading it! My apologies.

I’ve been in funks and excess tiredness where I’ve regrettably left a job, knowing I’d find a new one and minus two bouts of time where the Pickens was slim, I’ve managed to stay afloat. Embarrassingly yet luckily my mother has come to her adult son’s time of need on more than one occasion to help me back on my feet. This is a reminder to me that my children too will never, in one way or another, stop needing me and that is an awesome notion.

Nobody wants to go to work. The lucky few that have that dream job, the one connected to their passion, do exist and this is what I yearn for with my writing. Needs to be seen! Needs to breathe! And I know that until that happens I will struggle in whatever I am doing as a day job.

Things are looking up. The gig I’m currently a month into is so my thing, besides putting pen to paper. The ability to provide for ones family should never be taken for granted or uncared for. I am called to give my children stability (plus I really like eating so it’s a win-win).

Alas, the long weekend is mere hours from being over and there is much to do these next few days. I am a slave to the grind but I can’t have it any other way. Yet.

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