I’m sitting here at the ol’ computer, getting back into writing “The Single (And Incompetent) Man’s Guide To Eating” cookbook and I’m covered in sweat. Here in southern Alberta we are in the midst of a heat wave, with temperatures above thirty degrees… and my air conditioner is out and I’m cranky.

Sure, from age zero to age forty, I’ve known air conditioning or in places like stores and vehicles but not in my home. Now, ever since the ripe, young age of forty, I have had the luxury of living in icy cold conditions throughout summer heat of this nature.. until yesterday. And apparently, it’s the compressor and it’ll be two weeks until she is up and running again. The horror! Now I have to live like every other sweat induced Albertan. Unbelievable.

So much we take for granted, hey? Had a similar ongoing breakdown situation with my washing machine, to the point where either the landlady fixes or replaces it, or I will have to start saving my quarters and make a weekly trip to the laundromat. Clean clothes, how glorious though art! And dry, clean ones, to boot! Who wants to be stinky, especially in this heat splash (wave seems overused here some I’m changing it up)?

How about the presence of family? There’s a big one. Where or who would I be without my children? It being the summer and all, my girls have been the past week at grandmas pad and will be with their mom for a couple weeks in August. The quiet and lack of messes are nice for a day or so and then I’m like a little lost puppy  (or more so a gigantic, lost Saint Bernard with the drool and all). And throw in my son turning eighteen on Tuesday and the same day he goes to BC for four ish months. My normal is and will be thrown off.

Pets? I’ll preface this by saying as an adult, I’ve steered clear except for this recent marriage. I always had animals around growing up and it was fine, I’m not anti-house pet, but as a grown up with my own kids and responsibilities and blah blah, I look at them as too much work. I had to make a quick decision a few weeks ago to get rid of our male cat Peanut as he had issues let’s just say and he wasn’t even my cat to begin with. But man, the night someone came to get him I was a complete wreck. Like I’m talking a blubbering foolish mess of sadness. And don’t get me started on the remaining cat, who is technically not mine either. But they just become family, don’t they? Little buggers.

How’s about H2o? Or water, to the lay person. The challenge in drinking enough in a day, especially when you’re a courier and mobile eleven hours a day? Or trying to keep it cold, especially in said conditions and with the heat splash in full tilt. One word… ice packs. But still, these things that actually are forefront in keeping us humans alive we take for granted all the time, don’t we?

Sleep. Our jobs. Our health. Our Prime Minister? As you know, the list goes on and on times fifty five point five. So many blessings, so little time to be thankful.

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