Lypo…The Hard Way.

I have let myself go.

I’m officially disgusted with the shape my body is in and it is high time I make a difference in the way I have been living and eating. I honestly cannot believe I’m here.. a two hundred and sixty-ish chunk of belly, lust handles and man-boobies. My face is fat, eyes are puffy and any shred of self-confidence I might have once possessed has left me, similar to the way my gun-show arms have rescinded.

It’s not like I don’t know how I got here. The old/normal me was in the gym five to six days a week and eating a sensible diet, high in protein. Nothing over the top; I never went crazy with the salads or completely avoiding fast food but I was smart.. er. The past two years I would say I’ve been averaging two days a week in the gym and a steady diet of fast food, candy, pop and liquor. With this revolutionary way of living, I have put on forty flabby pounds and I am now battling high blood pressure and general self-loathing.

Who knows what my insides look like. My lungs no doubt tarnished and dull. My kidneys and liver exhausted and on the path to one day failure. My stomach one big lining of gooey, fatty sludge, spreading all over my torso in general. My brain not bright like it once was, now sparks of genius but overall just a cemetery of burnt fuses.

Showering is more work, as bending and twisting is no longer a no-brainer but requires some effort. Cutting ones toenails with ones massive gut protruding and pinching ones diaphragm is about as fun as it sounds. Fitting into my clothing is a despicable task as the word fitting isn’t very fitting, if you catch my driftola.

Basically, I’m suffering from a self-induced pathway to obesity (am I already there??), high blood pressure, internal organ failure and possibly diabetes for all I know.

And so I put my cankled foot down and literally make a stand, if my walker will support me. Cut backs will be made and so help me people, with my limited constant readers (bless your souls!), I pledge to make this happen and no longer procrastinate. Tomorrow, at the crack of whenever I wake up, it’s on. The better food. The no fast food. The no liquor. And the daily exercise.

I will exorcise these fatty demons, just you watch. I miss me but he is gone. The me at the end of this journey will appear and be better than ever. And you can quote me.

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