She ground her teeth into dust as the flames engulfed her entire body. The searing embrace of the vapoured lava held her tight. Everything burned, even her eyeballs and even her tongue. Begging for mercy, now throat and lungs on fire, she collapsed on her face. Still fully conscious, the realization that this wasn’t ending and grasping that she was not dying made her all the more confused.

Looking down at her arms, through the yellow translucent flames she saw her gouged up wrists, both slit clean up to her elbows with several gashes on each arm. Thoughts now flooding her brain.. how she ended her life and brutally. Lost in an ocean of misery, choosing to die was the only option in her once irrational, human mind.

And then the terrible reality set in, as the fire continued to ravage her, head to toe as well as internally, that there truly was no forgiveness in her final selfish act on Earth. All the right she had done, and in remaining true to her maker, this end erased it all. With the gates of hell clanging shut behind her, all she could think of was him..

Back on Earth

Tears flowed like a tap left on down his ashen face. With her still warm hand in his, the doctor pronounced his beloved Emily dead.

Everything stood still. All he wanted was death himself, if only to be with her forever. The shock was too much to bear. How he longed for this to be only a dream. How he longed for those precious minutes back in which he did not respond to her threats of suicide, amidst another one of their fights. The thought of himself rolling his eyes and refusing to prevent her from doing it hit him hard like a shovel to the face.

He blamed himself. He blamed the bottle. He blamed the circumstance but he would never blame her. Their love was torrid as it was poisonous. Their love was mammoth. Nothing she did to hurt him mattered now. Only the inauspicious way she left him throbbed in his psyche; it ruled his every thought.

He released her soft, pale hand and bent down to embrace his Emily one final time. After kissing her cheek, he placed his head on her shoulder, gazing at her quiet face. Without any effort, memories flooded from the very first day he saw her.

Five years earlier…

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