Two hands are visible, perfect and strong, cupped together. And in these hands are thousands of tiny pre-embryos, translucent and twinkling.

His rubicund face, now smiling with tears streaming of the utmost joy, spoke what a hundred words could not say. His very spirit called each to life, naming every microscopic being as he went. One by one, their destiny was set by the creator of all, mapping out each life in great infinite detail.

One after another he placed them on an invisible grid, set and waiting for their time to become human. Tweaks were made as he felt applicable, some more dramatically than others. And many he interconnected, as though inserting teeny magnets that only attract a specific two souls.

Around five years later..

All flights grounded due to the intense fog and impending rain, a little boy comes across a sad, little girl, crouched down under a seat and crying. The boy bends down and asks, “What is the matter?”

Wiping tears from her eyes, she replies, “I’m scared of storms.”

Quick on his feet, the little boy says, “Don’t worry. I am here now. It will be ok.”

Slowly, the biggest grin crossed her face as the tears dried up. She reached out to him but his mother took him by the hand, pulling him away while muttering about them having to leave.

He looked back and saw her still smiling from under the seat.

About ten years later..

A teenage girl and her family pull into a quaint, little gas station on their summer road trip. Everyone gets out to stretch their legs before toddling in to use the bathrooms. A teen boy begins filling up the family station wagon, at the request of the mother.

With his head under the hood, he eyes the oil dipstick and re-inserts it. The young lady walks back to the car, directly behind him and trips over his out-stuck heel.

“I am so, so sorry!” He reaches down to see if she’s alright. Her glance is of anger but then melts at what she sees in his eyes. He too feels the charge, as though the world just stopped and all he wanted was more.

Mother helped her daughter up off the ground and instructed her to get into the car. She paid the boy and he stood by the gas tanks and watched as they drove away, never feeling more alone.

About ten more years later..

With three beautiful children, the man in his mid twenties is content, though unhappy with his wife. She has, in her own way, written them all off and her unavailable presence prompts the man to end things, in his mind anyway.

As a way of collecting his thoughts when he could, the man would go for walks along the river. Such moments of peace were seldom and in this he drew refuge.

Not far off, he first heard then saw a woman and a man fighting. He approached quietly but nonetheless continued to get closer as it was escalating quickly. The woman cried out as the man slapped her hard, then proceeded to kick her while she was hunched over.

The man watching began running toward them, yelling for him to stop hitting her. When he was a few feet away from her, she reached out her arm but to say stop. “I’m alright. He didn’t mean it. We have to go.” Her boyfriend helped her up and with his arm around her, they walked away.

Completely dumbfounded, the man stood there for what felt like hours, staring into the distance in disbelief. Questions of who she was and will she be okay flooded his overloaded mind. And in those moments, he never felt more alone.

One year into their marriage..


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