Two days ago, I fired up a Facebook page for my cat Nigel to express her innermost thoughts, her snide comments/references and her motivational wisdom for all to embrace.

I call it simply (are you ready for this??)… “Nigels World”. It’s an interactive universe where one female feline, appropriately aged 1.3, can not only serendipitously offend you while tickling your childhood funny bone but she will also warm the very cockles of your heart. And that’s the least of her abilities.

At times, her colorful speeches will instigate dramatically high levels of conversation and questioning. If you are feeling down, she will bless you with a grin. If you are without direction, she will reroute you in the sanest way possible.

Maybe you’re at your wits end and feel like this is your final straw and its about to snippity snap? Let me assure you of this… Nigels daft roadways of soul searching communication will quickly bring you back from dangers edge and leave you fired up and wired up for life’s next tragic joke.

How can any of this be possible? How can a teenage kitten be so illogically wise and even more boggling is how can she even type?? The answers lie in the questions, my friends.

She will be sending out page follow requests shortly and lets be honest.. it’ll make all of our lives that much better. Cheers and long live Nigel.

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