Go Fish/I’m McLovin’ It.

I’m doin’ it. I’m blogging on the most underrated item on the McDonald’s menu. Not for my sake but for its. May I present the delicious Filet-O-Fish sandwich.

I was raised on Mcdonalds. I remember family vacays and us always stopping in at the golden arches for a delicious breakfast of warm fluffy pancakes or one their trademark breakfast sandwiches. I remember in my early teen years (and quite possibly before that) it was practically a weekly ritual to go for supper there every Friday with my mom and sisters, as though to say goodbye week, hello weekend and hello yummy fast food.

The first real job I had was at Mickey D’s. I worked there nearly 3 years, adorned in acne no doubt triggered by my greasy diet. Hey, the food was fifty percent off so you can well imagine I ate there alot and often, each lunch break devout to sucking back as many juicy cheeseburgers as I could stomach.

Novelties came and went. The McRib. The McPizza. The chicken fajitas. The Arch Deluxe. Some were better than others. And then of course were the champions of the menu. The Big Mac. Quarter pounder with cheese. The McChicken. The classic cheeseburger.

Right up there on the menu with everything else, was the sandwich entitled the Filet-O-Fish. Never once seemed appetizing. A fried, breaded fish sandwich burger with tartar sauce and a slice of cheese? Are you kidding me?

I always stuck with the quarter pounder or a big mac. Heck, even sometimes the nuggets or a couple cheeseburgers. And fries, always dipped in sweet n sour sauce. Mmmm. Anyway. Back to this fish burger.

About a year ago, in my fortieth year on this planet, it actually seemed appealing so I ordered one. I needed to know, not that I cared previously, what this bunwich would taste like.

When I first picked it up, it was so small. Why they charge the same price for it as the bigger burgers I cannot tell you but after that first bite, I cared not if I spent $50 on it, per bite! Such a warm, golden, almost glowing bun, containing the most perfect, crisp fish fillet blanketed with a slice of fresh cheddar and smothered in rich tartar sauce.

Each bite is better than the first. Remember that movie What About Bob with crazy Bill Murray? There’s a scene where he’s at his psychiatrists summer home for a meal and spread over like two minutes, every bite he takes is followed by a passionate “mmmm!” Well folks, that’s the Filet-O-Fish for ya. The most elegant and beautiful item on the menu.

Go get one right now. Throw in some fries and drinks etcetera because after all Monopoly has just begun. ‘Cuz prizes are fun.

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