Chapter One.
As he opened his eyes, he knew he was dead. There was nothing telling him otherwise, as no memories were accessible of his past life. All senses were alive. The darkness overwhelmed but the harder his eyes searched the black, shapes started to become visible. Rough edges. Blurred inception.

He laid silent, not moving, as his eyes surveyed his surroundings. The landscape was like none other than he had known. Vast dips, rugged peaks and shallow craters amidst soil and rock. A still pool lay adjacent to where his body lie. No sign of life. As his eyes became more familiar with the shadows, he could see his breath, alarming him of the cool temperature.

He wanted to wake up, as though this was some kind of nightmare. He wanted to move his feet but first needed to sit then stand. None of this made any sense to him and as he tried push himself off the cold ground with his hands, he realized that he had none. Terror gripped him as he tried moving his feet, only to discover that he bore none.

What was happening? Where was he? And what exactly was he? These thoughts of horror raced through his spinning mind. The agony of being without hands and feet, and mind you, dead, all was making for a horrible day. He cried out but made no sound. Totally locked inside, as though he were a mute paraplegic. And not a solitary soul available to offer help or any kind of guidance on the happenings at hand.

Focusing beyond any sort of lucidity he’s known before, his paralysis was short lived. Delving deep into the recesses of his mind, he lifted himself slowly off the ground and began awkwardly transporting himself upwards into what would be considered a standing pose, though hovering over the soil. Bending, convulsing, jerking then righting himself repeat. An infant standing for the first time was a hundred times more graceful. And then, in a flash, he moved at the speed of light down the rocky peak, inside of a maze in the belly of a great mountain. Slowing down, he took in the dense and ancient hills, valleys and gorges. Everything was untouched yet dark and dirty.

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