On the northernmost shore of Hades..
The Agitators, one beastly monster on either side, held their captive by each arm, a foot off the ground, with their claws embedded into her flesh. Blood poured from her flank, the razor nails digging and ripping flesh with each step. She screamed and begged for mercy. They laughed heavy, barking and spitting. The monsters groped her from behind with their free hand.
The Abomination himself, in his truest native form, that serpent of old, stood eye to eye with her, not saying a word. The scales covering him looked like a magnificent armor. Thick and muscular, with arms as tree trunks and thighs to match. He smelt of oil and was libertine in all senses of the word. His presence was monstrous. To say larger than life wouldn’t do it justice.
With one fluid movement, he shoved his fist deep inside her parched mouth and grabbed ahold of her white tongue. He pulled slowly then yanked the entire four inch vocal snake from her screaming mouth. Blood splattered his face and he laughed heartily. His eyes watered as goosebumps cascaded over him, in an evil baptism of sickness. His crimson hand grabbed her face and he pulled her toward him.
The hair stood up on the back of the Agitators necks as he spoke. It was not English. It was not any earthly language, but an utterance birthed deep in Hades. Guttural and slurred, doused with fiendish notes of wood crackling in a burning bonfire.

“Now you shalt not speak of leaving us. Hell is home. You will die over and over and over for all eternity in my domain. Remove her from my sight.”

His vile henchman dragged her kicking, squirming body away from his temple room. He had to find his breath, evil and venomous as the level of disturbed titillation he received from the chastisement was unbearably lustful. While he tried to compose himself, his chosen Captain of Defilement entered his chambers, biding his time as he saw his master flaming with excitement.

“My King, Mephistopheles. What is thy bidding?” Defilement was a broad, chiseled monster. He was adorned in heavy chains; chains that bound many to him in spirit and on occasion, to him in unbridled torture. He was The Abominations first chosen demon, the one who exited Heaven on that day many years ago, following the one he truly worshipped. An eleven foot giant of a beast, weighing a literal ton, with waist-length black hair and sinewy muscles that made him quick as he was massive. His command on The Agitators, the angel army known by all as demons, was overshadowed only by his leader, The Abomination, the one who The Promise Keeper chose to banish from Heaven.

“There is a soul that we made vacant most recently.” He hissed loudly on recently, the damned forked tongue flickering at the venomous threshold of his black lips.

Defilement nodded his head, as he recollected himself who personally orchestrated his violent death.

“He has found a way back to the slimy, worm laden Earth. I have sensed his legacy and it is for my benefit.” The Abomination chuckled deeply, the soil beneath them trembled in his pleasure. “Take his breath. I need to see my vision unfold. He will provide us many fresh souls and wrongfully, against my one, true enemy. He will damn the undamnable and we will reap in his misfortune.”

Both Defilement and The Abomination laughed hard, their taught bellies aching. Defilement took a knee, “Master, your will be done.”

The lord of all evil wrapped his cursed paw around Defilements throat, threateningly yet ever so gently. The Abomination looked deep into his empty, malignant eyes. “Always remember who owns you. Your leash is in my hand. Any word of our wretched enemy, and I hear firsthand. My will truly be done.”

Defilement, still on bended knee, outstretched both arms, as though to belittle the cross, and said, “I will not be forsaken. Only by him.”

The Abomination grabbed Defilement by the hand and pulled him to his cloven feet. “Amen.” Their laughter shook that place, as dust settled on the rotten floor.

“Now bring me more toys, for I must get my fill of the damned.” The Abomination retreated into his chambers as Defilement sought those that suffer, amongst the millions of tortured souls amidst this place called Hell.

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