In that moment of ripe bedlam, the very air itself shook, as did the soil and everything in this place. A piercing scream birthed in the gathering itself rose to an unhealthy pitch in a matter of milliseconds. All others backed quickly away from the one tortured soul, with her hands held high and head hung low. An inferno trail of white heat blazed skyward from her hands, causing the gathering to jaw drop exponentially. Slowly, her head lifted and with her mouth visibly closed, the war cry increased, emanating out her being, every sinew calling out.

And when it ended, and the light show ceased, the silence was deafening as each ear rang irrevocably. Most believed they were now literally without hearing. And as the majority of those lost, dead apparations gathered themselves, within their groups of five, he swept in at a great speed, grabbed the disturbed screamer by the collar and burst away from everyone.

He soared fast and fluently, as though a programmed missile, dead-set on making its arrival to its destination in record timing. Meanwhile, his baggage had clung herself to him, holding on for dear life, not because she had to but because it was her souls desire and predestined path. The journey was quick, though equally drawn out. His eyes, blasting forward at a ridiculous speed, would glance down upon her then up to the flight at hand, repeat. And in that hyper cold state, he never knew such warmth, filling his disoriented being with a strong sense of an emotion he had once been familiar.

Like a mighty Boeing 747 aircraft without option but to crash as fearlessly and with as much dignity as possible, they collided with a stretch of damp grass, skidding and bouncing as they came to a muddled halt, bodies rolling over one another. They sat up with eyes locked.

She spoke first. “Please forgive me. Sensing the level of uproar was too much for even the mightiest of beings, I wanted to… save you. Before you save us.”

His gaze at her was one of baffle. “Who are you? Your distinction feels comfortable to me, in this godless place.” He awaited her response cautiously.

Taking his hand in hers, she looked deeply into his soul. “It is I, Peter. You must remember.”

He spoke quickly, as though too fast but his direct nature could never be stifled. “When I was drawn back to Earth, I was reminded of a girl that meant everything to me. Her name was Savannah.”

“I recall loving you like no other, like an infant adores her mother and no one could ever replicate that bond. Though I have no recollection of my previous name, I know that I must be that Savannah.” Upon declaring that heavy statement of truth, her ancient face crinkled and blue light shone from her eyes. “You were my salvation on Earth and now you’ve come to rescue not only me, but all the others, yes?”

What was once tears from whence they came, blue light also blasted from his eyes. “How is it that I found you, after that life and throughout all that could be after? And on top of that, I cannot fathom why you all consider me to be whom will save you from this place! You’re you and I am me! Who’s to say you aren’t the chosen one, not I? You obviously have a… a gift… a power.”

She smiled and brought her face inches from his. “This power lives in you, too. In all of us. You can already channel some of it, I’ve seen. In time, you will demonstrate that your source is greater than mine, and then all of ours. You aren’t just one of us; you are The One.” She laid her head against his strong chest. “I didn’t think I’d ever see you again. I love you.”

They sat there on that grassy bank, and held an embrace for what could have been an eternity. He was visited with a myriad of thoughts, questions and fears and in this time of serenity, it temporarily did not matter.

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