When all the dust settled, and weapons flung to the earth, the boys stood arm in arm, looks of pure unadulterated satisfaction on their young faces. Mother would be proud, if she wasn’t in such an extreme state of vegetation.
Days later of life in the catacomb…
With the help of Savannah, Peter was starting to become almost fully assimilated into The Gathering, which represented the group of lost souls that inhabited this desolate place. He spent long hours listening and learning from the others, of past plans of escape and about how they prayed as a unit for one to come and fix all that was wrong in their world.
Peter had many questions for them, as well. “Why are you always in clumps of five?”

“It represents family. And safety. Danger comes at one, and that one falls. Same danger comes at five, and there’s no chance of all five being taken out, and therefore we proceed”. The one speaking spoke so matter-of-factly. This was how it was.

Again, Peter questioned them. “Has no one else been drawn back to Earth? Only I?”

Several answered, as several souls were mere feet away from the conversation at hand. To say Peter held the presence of a celebrity or of even greater deity was an understatement. He was regarded as no less than savior. And there could be no greater title.

They answered almost in unison, though slightly staggered. “Only you.”

The one soul that had engaged Peter laid out his future plans, if not more so for the present. “With your presence, and in seeing how you are repeatedly drawn back through the portal, I have devised a plan. The plan.”

Peter waited for him to continue but first, the soul called out for The Gathering to manifest as a unit, for all to listen.

With every ear attuned, he proceeded. “It is a simple as it is complex. We will conjoin souls, the lot of us, and remain connected for as long as it takes. Then when The One is called back to earth, we can all transition dimensions together, as one unit, one Gathering. From there, we will fight for our freedom. We will find our true eternal destination or die trying.”

Fear gripped many in The Gathering. “But what if your plan does not work? Maybe only half of us make the journey and the other half either is left behind or destroyed in the process!”

“As one, we are one. No one shall be destroyed or left behind. We are one.”

Heads nodded and many faces of old broke into smiles of acceptance. Before anyone had time to fully process this system of thought, the soul with the plan uttered a string of words that chilled even The One Himself. “We need to make contact with The Promise Keeper, for only He can resurrect us from this place of permanence…”

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